About me |

My name is Erica Glimsholt. I'm a freelance web developer and digital designer who lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I. My journey here

To start from the beginning – I’ve always been a creative person. It began with always making crafts and played around with colours when I was a little kid. When I was at the age 15 I got the best present ever – a camera. And there was the moment i fell into photography. From the small town I came from there wasn’t so much you could do besides go to small concerts that your friends pulled together. So there I always were. In the front with my camera.

From there it took off. And here I am. With a bachelor degree in informatics with a major in graphic design and web development from Jönköping University. Ongoing studies from Yrgo, where I study web development. And past two years of experience with freelance work.

II. What I do right now

I’m a student. I study web development at Yrgo in Gothenburg. Here I’m learning everything from Javascript to C#. The studies are for two years, with a six months intership starting this November. I will take my exam in June 2018.

I’m a freelancer. I’ve been a freelancer within web development, graphic design and photography for more then two years now. I’ve worked with a lot of different companies in different sizes. I mainly work with web development.

I’m a consult. I’ve worked as a web developer and graphic design consult for HandelsMarketing for some months now. Besides of graphic design and web development I work with inbound marketing, writes quotes to clients, have clients meeting, workshops and teaches both colleagues and clients.

III. How I work

As both as a freelancer and a consult I mainly work with WordPress. And not in a ‘buy a theme and modify it’ way. I create WordPress sites from scratch so the client will have a customized page that aren’t like everyone elses. I just started work with Wordplate when I develop a WordPress site because it gives me change to run everything through Composer.

Front-end development is my favorite. And I’m going to be a stronger developer in Javascript then what I’m now. I love spending time working in other CMS (like grav and umbraco) and develop in other languages then WordPress. I choose SASS over CSS every time. And let’s not forget I always use Git in my projects.

As a designer I now work with Sketch after several years with Adobe. Sometimes I switch back to Adobe, but I really hate-love their programs.